WakeMed Cary NICU

WakeMed Cary Hospital has a Special Care Nursery, which provides Level III care for babies needing short-term intensive care.  This facility shares a full time staff of highly skilled neonatologists and 24-hour neonatal nurse practitioners with our Raleigh Campus.  When necessary, babies are transferred from Cary Hospital to the Raleigh Campus via our specially equipped Children's Transport Vehicle, staffed by an experienced team of transport professionals.  The NICU at WakeMed has a Developmental Team that helps families partner with staff in caring for their babies and in understanding the behavior and development of premature babies. This special team supports infants and their families who spend time in the NICU.  Developmentally supportive care is an important part of the NICU's philosophy of care. The Developmental Team works with families and other caregivers from a NIDCAP approach which supports developmental progress with careful attention to behavior, the language by which babies communicate.  Families are the most important support for their babies and the developmental care approach emphasizes this relationship through encouraging kangaroo care, observing baby behaviors, and supporting parenting in the NICU.  Learn more.