January 1, 2020

It's January 1 - PQCNC and the Expert Team have begun the work of developing a charter, key driver diagram and metrics for this initiative in advance of a launch in January 2021. If you have experience, knowledge, expertise or interest in supporting the creation of such an initiative, please join us. We are calling on mothers, fathers, family members, docs, nurses, therapists, social workers, counselors, hospital and clinic leaders, addiction specialists, midwives, practitioners, public health officials, government leaders, and payers/purchasers of healthcare to consider joining us.

The only requirement for "Expert" is a willingness to read background materials we supply and commitment to joining us for perhaps one face to face meeting and 4 webinars over 6-8 months.

This is an initiative that is critically needed. We have all been touched in different ways by this growing crisis - to join the Expert Team please click here

If your facility is considering joining the intiative please click here and we'll keep you informed of next steps