Using EPIC to Identify Infants At-Risk for Hypoglycemia - If you are an EPIC user, this quick informative video may assist your team in identifying infants at-risk for hypoglycemia in this EMR.  It discusses how to use EPIC to abstract the needed data you will need to measure overall success of the NHPC initiative.  Included are tips on how to find NICU transfers, skin to skin documentation, breastfeeding attempts and intravenous infusions.


Glucose Gel Administration  - This video outlines the proper technique to administer Glucose Gel. Glucose Gel comes in a single dose tube that most pharmacists recommend discarding after one use.  Check with your manufacturer and pharmacist prior to dispensing to determine optimal and safe frequency of use. We encourage you to share this with your teams and utilize this educational resource when you are ready to embark on including gel as a treatment option in newborns with hypoglycemia or to check current administration practices on your unit.


Engaging Mothers to Reduce Pain during Heel-stick Sampling - Keeping mothers and newborns together after delivery is the gold standard of care, especially when trying to prevent hypoglycemia. Yet staff must perform the vital clinical task of measuring serum glucose on those infants at-risk. How do we accomplish both? View this brief video to learn how to engage mothers and protect infants while obtaining a heel-stick for glucose sampling.


PQCNC Utilizing Glucose Gel to Reverse Neonatal Hypoglycemia - If your team has not adopted the use of glucose gel as a viable treatment option for the care of newborns with hypoglycemia, take 10 minutes to view this webinar.  The results will speak for themselves regarding the impact this low cost treatment option could provide for your clinicians and families.


Proper Heel Stick Demonstration - This brief video is a reminder of proper technique when performing a newborn heel stick to obtain the most accurate sample possible. 

Newborn Heelstick

Download Proper Puncture Site for Newborn Heelstick for use at your facility


How to Create Hypoglycemia Order sets in Meditech and Achieve Sustainability: If Meditech is your electronic medical record, this informative webinar is a must see. Take the time to see what capability awaits to support integration of your hypoglycemia protocol into your EMR.  The opportunity to propel clinical decisions, reduce variability in care, and utilize forced functions to achieve sustainability is a must for anyone doing this work. The rules outlined in this webinar can be easily downloaded and shared if you are a Meditech user. 




Donor Breast Milk Use for Term Infants