Atrium Health -Pineville's Maternity Center, the original provider of LDRP (Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum) suites in the Charlotte region, specializes in the complete care of women during pregnancy and labor. The unique design provides the security of a hospital delivery with the comforts of home.  Each LDRP suite is complete with a rocking chair, private bath with whirlpool tub, CD player, hair dryer, private refrigerator and all the medical equipment necessary to help your physicians, nurse midwives and nurses make the baby's birth safe and comfortable.

For premature infants or newborns needing special care immediately after birth, Atrium Health -Pineville offers a Level III Neonatal Care Unit (NCU). The NCU works cooperatively with the Maternity Center to provide comprehensive, 24-hour care. NCU staff includes neonatologists, registered nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners who offer the latest technology in a warm and supportive environment.  The NCU can provide extra assistance for babies born as early as 28 weeks. Should even more specialized care be required, transport to the Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery at Carolinas Medical Center is available. This nursery, which is the largest in the Carolinas, treats newborns who arrive critically ill and require the attention of a pediatric specialist or surgeon.

The Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Family Birth Center is a tertiary care center that provides nursing care to inpatient and outpatient pregnant women and newly delivered infants. The unit consists of an Antenatal Testing Unit, 5 bed triage, 15 Labor and Delivery rooms and 3 operating rooms. Care foci are management of the low-risk and high-risk antenatal, intrapartal, and immediate post partal patient. Annually we deliver approximately 4,500 infants. The Family Centered Care Units provides quality patient care to postpartum patients and newborn patients.  This care is based on practice guidelines and professional standards.  Couplet care providing individualized care by one nurse for the family unit.  Mothers are supported in their choice to breastfeed by a lactation consultant, North Carolina breastfeeding educators, RNs, LPNs and Nursing Assistants.Cape Fear Valley Family Birth Center delivers more than 4,000 babies each year.  The Birth Center consists of 15 LDR (Labor, Delivery, Recovery) rooms, to provide single-room service for labor, delivery and initial recovery.  Mothers are allowed to "room in" with their newborns virtually 24 hours a day if they wish.  Learn more.

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center provides a 44-bed NICU. This is a Level III unit, the highest level possible and Cape Fear Region's only Level III NICU. It consists of 21 intensive-care beds, plus a 23-bed Intermediate Care Unit right next door. Medical supervision is provided by four physicians who are all board-certified in neonatology.  The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center provides comprehensive care of sick newborns. It is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced nurses, respiratory therapists and neonatal nurse practitioners. All care is supervised by board-certified Neonatologists.  Moderately sick infants are cared for in Level II units, which also provide services as in a Level I nursery. Level III nurseries (NICUs) are equipped to provide comprehensive care to the sickest of newborns. This is the level of care provided at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. In addition to direct patient care, Level III units participate in research and educational activities. New technologies developed for newborn care are usually initially evaluated in Level III units.  The commitment of a hospital to provide Level III neonatal intensive care is quite significant in terms of equipment and personnel. Infants who are critically ill require around-the-clock supervision by staff who are skilled in providing respiratory and cardiac support.  There are four full-time Neonatologists at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center who care for infants in the NICU. These Neonatologists are board-certified, indicating that they have completed approved training programs and passed the certifying examinations.  Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are "physician extenders" who are very experienced and provide day-to-day care of the sick and convalescing infants.  Respiratory Therapists assist in the management of newborn breathing problems. NICU Nurses are a special group of nurses trained to care for critically ill infants and their families.  Learn more.

Central Carolina Hospital’s newly expanded birthing center consists of 5 private and spacious labor and delivery suites.  The Labor and Delivery Unit provides management of premature labor, fetal surveillance and delivery of term infants. This unit maintains an outreach relationship with UNC Hospital to advise and facilitate the transfer of premature labor patients and other high risk OB’s.  The mother/baby "room in" service allows mothers to be with, and care for, their newborn for as many daytime hours as they may wish during the in-hospital stay.  Babies may also spend time in the nursery where there are systems in place to help keep the baby safe and securely monitored.  The Level Two nursery provides care to well neonates and also those who require supportive care. Those infants who require intubation and ventilation are stabilized with the proper equipment and then transferred to a tertiary care facility. The nursery is equipped with Isolettes to care for stable premature infants who require time to grow, and bilights for the infant with hyperbilirubinemia.  Learn more.

The Birthing Center at Columbus Regional Healthcare System’s obstetrical staff is among the finest anywhere and is equipped to handle virtually any birthing situation, from routine to high-risk. The Birthing Center offers a complete range of services designed to help you and your family adjust to the challenges a newborn represents.  Prenatal classes for mothers include early pregnancy, prepared childbirth and breastfeeding.  Also, there is a board certified lactation consultant on staff to help moms with breastfeeding.  It is the comfort and convenience of private birthing suites that provide the utmost in personalized care to you during your labor and delivery.  Learn more. 

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital Birthing Center delivers more than 2,500 babies each year and each one of them is special. The Birthing Centers create an environment in which newborns and families form precious bonds. The Centers were designed to serve the unique medical needs of women, children and infants. By combining the latest technology with compassionate care from our highly trained physicians and staff, every patient-care experience is comfortable and secure.  Learn more.

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital NICU has a 16 bed level IIIA neonatal intensive care nursery. Medical services in the NICU are provided by two full-time neonatologists, eight neonatal nurse practitioners providing 24-hour in-house coverage, a pediatric ophthalmologist, and access to cardiac echo interpretation by remote consultation. FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital participates in the Vermont-Oxford Neonatal Network database and the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina.  Learn more.

FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital is a Division of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital.  The Richmond Campus has 99 acute care beds and is a not for profit hospital. The annual delivery rate is 500 babies each year.  The inpatient perinatal care services is Level I care facility with 24 hour anesthesia availability.  Neonates that require tertiary care are transferred via a Neonatal Transport Team.  Learn more.

Southeastern Regional Women's Healthcare has three physicians and four certified nurse midwives.  Patients are able to choose a provider who can follow the patient through a lifetime of changes...childbirth to puberty...menopause and beyond. Patients are certain to find the medical care that exceeds expectations.  Learn more. 

With full-time, board-certified obstetricians and pediatricians, Vidant Edgecombe Birthing Center is always prepared for any type of delivery. The doctors areexperienced in high-risk pregnancies and extra special deliveries. And the Level III intermediate care nursery provides special care for babies who need it. Through association with Vidant Medical Center and the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, babies have quick access to the latest neonatal technologies.  Learn more.


The obstetrical anesthesia department at Womack Army Medical (WAMC) provides 24 hour continuous care and is staffed by a nurse anesthetist that is solely dedicated to Labor and Delivery.  An anesthesiologist is available for consultation.  Epidural and intrathecal anesthesia is provided for the laboring patient.  Epidural, spinal and general anesthesia are provided for cesarean delivery, scheduled, emergent or urgent.  Learn more.


The Womack Army NICU includes two board certified Neonatologists and four Neonatal Nurse Practitioners who provide 24/7 in-house coverage for the NICU and labor rooms. The complete staff includes licensed registered neonatal nurses and licenced credential respiratory therapists who provide continuous bedside care for our patients.  Learn more