NC Immunization Registry - December 2010 Update

Much of the North Carolina flora is in hibernation but in the Newborn Critical Care Center (NCCC) at the pilot hospital the final flurry of activity to create a system that allows inpatient hospitals to record immunizations in the state registry is underway. A reliable system for the NCCC in the North Carolina Children’s Hospital is in place. The final trainings have been held for full implementation of the National Birth Certificate and starting in January NC Vital Records will have a feed into the immunization registry as NC creates links that will benefit both patients and providers. This program implementation has informed the processes that the NCCC will use going forward. Starting in January the team will not create patient records, they will add information to an existing record. A Consultant from the Immunization Branch will visit the unit in the next 6 weeks for a demonstration and formal end of the pilot.