NAS Expert Team Working Resources

NAS Outcome Measures:

The overall aims statement for the NAS initiative was developed by the expert team along with outcome measures to ensure a standardized approach to the care of the NAS infant and family.

nas outcome image 

Outcome Measures

Examples of NAS Management Algorithms

The expert team is using the following examples to create Care Management Algorithms to standardize the treatment of NAS:

Phase I:  To Treat of not to treat algorithm is used to determine whether the patient will be treated with non-pharmacologic methods or whether they will receive pharmacologic treatment

NAS Treatment Algorithm

 Phase I algorithm 

Phase II:  Stabilization on Morphine algorithm is used to begin treatment and to increase dosing if needed.

NAS Stabilization Algorithm

Phase II Stabilization algorith


 Phase III: Weaning

weaning algorithm image

Phase III Weaning Algorithm

Phase III  Backsliding 

backsliding algorithm image

Phase III  Backsliding algorithm