Blue Ridge Regional Hospital

The Mother and Baby Unit at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital is carefully designed to accommodate mothers, new babies and their family members in comfort and safety. Quality medical care from skilled physicians and a staff of specially certified nurses is offered.  Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care are all provided in the same room.  These unique rooms, called LDRP rooms, allow mothers to settle in and save energy for the process of labor, delivery and recovery. Each room is fully equipped with fetal monitors, beds that pull apart for delivery, and advanced medical equipment. After delivery, the rooms accommodate safe rooming-in with infant warmers and apnea monitors.  Women who choose Blue Ridge Regional Hospital for labor and delivery count on medical options to ease labor pain, anesthesiologists on site to provide epidurals, surgical suite located next to the Mother and Baby Unit for emergencies and cesarean sections.  Should a baby need specialized intensive care, be assured that the physicians and nurses at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital are experienced and qualified to assess and stabilize newborns. As part of the Mission Health System, procedures are already in place to transfer newborns to Mission Children’s NICU where appropriate.  Missions’s Infant Transport Team provides rapid critical care while transporting your newborn to the NIC via ground or air.  Learn more.