OHI Project updates

The FPQC is in the process of…

·         Consulting with the OHI advisory board in response to your clinical questions. We have updated recommendations based on two issues that have been raised this month:

o   Oxytocin dosage and timing during the third stage of labor – The OHI toolkit is being updated related to Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor (AMSTL) regarding oxytocin dosage and administration for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage (see pages 10, 11, 14). It is recommended that oxytocin be administered at delivery via IV infusion, 40 units in 1000 cc of IV fluid. If a partial infusion is hanging, the dosage should be adjusted accordingly. If there is no IV in place, 10 units of oxytocin administered IM is the recommended dosage.

o   Mixed methods estimation/quantification of blood loss – Quantification of blood loss is the recommended process for all deliveries. For the OHI, if estimation of blood loss is only partially quantified, please report this as Estimation Blood Loss (EBL). Blood loss is QBL only if blood loss was exclusively quantified.

·         Answering your data collection questions. Please contact Emily Dunn [email protected] or 813-974-9654 with any database questions.

·         Creating Data Reports for your hospital baseline data. Reports will be sent to your hospital data lead by February 13th

·         Providing technical assistance. If you have a clinical question, are in need of technical assistance, or are interested in Grand Rounds, please  contact Annette Phelps at [email protected]

·         Updating the OHI Toolbox for Hospital Implementation. New additions include: California’s newly released Preeclampsia Toolkit; AWHONN Quantification of Blood Loss Recommendations

·         Planning upcoming webinars. Would your hospital team members be willing to join our panelist discussion on March 13 on how OB hemorrhage simulations and drills are going in your hospital? If so, please contact us. Dates of upcoming webinars are below.


·         Announce initiative and have a hospital OHI kick off!

·         Conduct clinical staff education.

·         Attend monthly OHI learning session webinars.

·         Collect data for December 2013 and January 2014 and input into data collection tool by February 15th.The official link to the monthly data entry is http://tinyurl.com/OHI-Monthly-Data-Collection Please bookmark this link, as you will use it every month!


Next OHI Learning Session Webinar - Register Here for the February OHI learning session.

DATE: Thursday, February 13, 2014

TIME: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

TOPIC: Engaging Physicians and How to Interpret your Hospital’s Data Reports.