Attending a Webinar

1) Registration links for upcoming webinars will appear in the initiative weekly email and will be available online on your initiative page at

2) Clicking the link will take you to the registration page - please fill out the page completely (using your own information) and click the register button.




3) If you have successfully registered you will receive an email confirming your registration along with useful instructions for accessing and participating in the webinar.




4) On the day and a few minutes BEFORE the time of the webinar click the link to join the webinar




5) Note that you have a CHOICE of audio options.




6) If your computer has a SPEAKER and a MICROPHONE the easiest option is to use your computers audio.  If you do not have a speaker and/or microphone on your computer you will need to call in using the information provided.  


call in


7) Once you’ve joined the webinar you will see two screens - a control panel and a viewer.  




8) The viewer will display the content for the webinar and prior to the webinar starting will again provide the call-in number for the webinar if you are not using your computer audio as well as the audio pin for the webinar.  If you are using your phone you MUST enter the audio pin to participate.




9) From the control panel you can


  • change audio settings




  • view/download the handout(s) for the webinar




  • send questions or comments to presenter(s)




  • raise your hand to alert the organizers you wish to speak




10) If you click on the orange arrow - 




 - you will make the panel small




11) Click on the orange arrow again to restore it to a useful size


orange rebig


What if you are a presenter?


12) The organizer will make you a presenter and you will see the following screen


webinar presenter 1



13) Click on "Not Yet"


not yet


14) You are now the presenter, but are not yet sharing your screen


not yet sharing


15) Everyone else sees only the title screen


title screen



16) When the material you  are presenting is open and ready click on “Show”




17) Everyone will now see their own control panel and your presentation




18) When you have completed your presentation the organizer will take back presentation mode or passing it on to someone else and you will once again be a participant and no longer be sharing your screen