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PQCNC is proud to announce that registration is now open for well newborn, Special Care Nurseries and NICUs for the statewide Antibiotic Stewardship/Newborn Sepsis (ASNS) initiative. The goal of this critical project, a project selected by the PQCNC membership, is to reduce antibiotic exposure in newborns by 20%, to be achieved via standardization of newborn sepsis evaluations in Newborn and Special Care Nurseries and the NICU and timely discontinuation of antibiotics with culture negative evaluations.

Standardization of sepsis evaluations and reductions in antibiotic exposure should lead to reduced length of stay and reductions in antimicrobial resistance. Additional potential benefits include less separation of mothers and babies, improved breastfeeding rates, and reduced NEC in NICUs.

The ASNS Expert Team, composed of 54 members including physicians, nurses, infection control experts, pharmacists and hospital executive leadership, have created a concise action plan which will guide hospital ASNS teams in this work as well as measures which will guide teams and the collaborative in this work.

The ASNS collaborative will be facilitated by the PQCNC core team working with your hospital teams and, as with all PQCNC initiatives, will include monthly webinars and quarterly face to face learning sessions as well as weekly email updates to keep all apprised of new reports on the topic, opportunities to excel developed by teams, and critical developments in the collaborative.

The PQCNC ASNS initiative offers your facility a unique, structured opportunity to address the challenges of antibiotic stewardship and the morbidity and mortality resulting from antibiotic resistance. This project will be approved for Maintenance of Certification for your physician providers. Our face to face learning sessions will offer CEU and CME credit. 

This all is at NO cost to your hospital.

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