Enrollment underway...

Antibiotic Stewardship/Neonatal Sepsis expert team met and finalized details of the action plan and baseline and initiative data collection forms.  Three breakout sessions were held to focus on specific aspects of the action plan:  Identification and Initiation was facilitated by Dr. Carl Seashore from UNC; Treatment was facilitated by Dr. Marie Thigpen from Rex Hospital; and Evaluation was facilitated by Dr. William Dalzell from Vidant Medical Center.  Discussions from each breakout session were presented and consensus was reached in order to finalize the action plan. 

Registration is now open
for teams to enroll in the initiative and individual team recruitment is underway.

Baseline data collection will begin soon and is scheduled to continue for three months to provide participating teams with a complete picture of current practices in antibiotic prescribing.  Teams will also complete a unit snapshot to provide more detailed data on unit operations to assist with performance improvement efforts.