Transforming the Patient Care Experience

Like all improvement work, efforts to transform the patient care experience require thoughtful planning and full team engagement. The following videos and resources are meant to support you in your journey, and walk you through the vital steps of executing your tests of change and sustaining the gains.

Transforming the Patient Care Experience Template - a PowerPoint Template you can use to reporter work on Transforming the Patient Care Experience at your own institution

Transforming the Patient Care Experience Timeline

Assessing the Patient Experience with Patient Feedback - This collection of 3 videos explores different ways to collect patient and family feedback. Consider watching this as a team and discussing the appropriateness of each method for your particular needs, resources and environment.








Identifying the Ideal Care Experience - What do patients and families want and need, when it comes to care? This video walks through how to use the patient and family feedback collected to identify the ideal experience. Encourage all members of your team to learn about and assist with this process to help ensure a more objective process.


Analyzing Gaps In the Care Experience - Analyzing gaps in the care experience requires us to know the current state of care, as well as the ideal state of care. This video uses examples to walk through this process and describe how it is used to determine what actions are needed to move to the ideal care experience. Watch this video as a team and think through the information you need in order to understand your key factors for change.


Selecting a Project to Create the Ideal Care Experience - Just because you can do something by yourself, does it mean that you should? The focus of this video is on the importance of engaging all the members of your team in selecting a project and contributing to its success. As you watch this video, consider potential roles for your team members and determine who from your facility should be a part of selecting and developing a meaningful project.


Select Data to Support Your Project - How will you know if your project has been a success? This video discusses the importance of having data that supports your anticipated outcomes and also highlights the value of thinking through barriers and measuring their impact. Watch as a team and then brainstorm potential measures of success and challenges. 


Implement Your Plan - What does it take to successfully implement a project? In this video, we walk through the who, what, where, when, why and how to consider prior to implementation. Everyone on your team has a role in implementation - after watching, consider your timeline and how each team member can contribute.


Monitor Your Progress - The work doesn’t end after project implementation. In this video, we discuss best practices for continual monitoring of your projects and how to put a process in place that will allow your team to identify potential problems - and successes - quickly. After watching this video, work as a team to develop a structure and timeline for ongoing monitoring.


Identify Opportunities to Share Your Work - Considering all the resources you put into executing a project, are you reporting your hard work? This video highlights the importance of sharing your progress and discusses best practices and considerations for reporting. Gather your team to watch the video and ask each member for his or her ideas about how to share your efforts and who to share your work with.