2018 Neonatal / Newborn Initiative Chosen

1 year 3 months ago

Our PQCNC general meeting in March was an action packed day with multiple outstanding presentations on potential projects. Topics included safe sleep, family centered care focused on the period after delivery, hypoglycemia prevention, improving skin-skin between mom and baby after birth, early initiation of breast feeding and pumping, antibiotic stewardship and safe sleep. After attendees at the meeting prioritized projects, we asked, via a PQCNC update, for PQCNC email readers to prioritize the top three "dot-vote getters."

As a result we are excited to report that we will continue our Antibiotic Stewardship Newborn Sepsis initiative through March 2018, and will begin recruitment of an Expert Team for our next newborn initiative, Newborn Hypoglycemia Prevention and Care, in March 2018!  Hypoglycemia is a challenge for those of us working in the newborn nursery and the NICU. It is a condition that often separates moms and babies, delays discharge and may prompt transfer to higher levels of care. There was overwhelming support for pursuing hypoglycemia as our next opportunity to improve newborn care.

Thank you all for your presentations and input. While all proposals could not be accepted they each prompted productive discussion. It is also apparent that within hypoglycemia, measures such as early skin to skin care and a commitment to support breastfeeding, may help avert the development of some hypoglycemia cases. We hope you will consider joining the expert team for this effort when the call goes out in 2018.

For now we’ll continue to work on the challenge of reasonably reducing antibiotic use in the newborn nursery and NICU.

Keep up the incredible work everyone!