Don't forget the ER!

As part of the May CMOP Learning Session, a presentation was provided by one of the PQITs on how they were able to partner with staff from the Emergency Department to improve postpartum OB care for patients who present to the Emergency Department.  The physician and nursing leadership from L&D, along with nurse educators and staff nurses, created education on recognizing signs and symptoms of postpartum preeclampsia, as well as, how to properly treat elevated blood pressures in these patients and then presented the education to the medical and nursing staff of the Emergency Department at staff meetings.  Subsequently, medical and nursing leadership from L&D and the Emergency Department created an EMR order set specifically for OB patients that present to the Emergency Department with postpartum preeclampsia.  Collaboration across departments and disciplines not only provides better care for postpartum patients regardless of how they access the hospital, it also improves sustainability of improved management of preeclamptic postpartum women.