The term “Chorioamnionitis” is outdated and overused…

As we focus on early onset sepsis in the newborn, the maternal diagnosis of chorioamnionitis inextricably results in antibiotic exposure in this population; sometimes unnecessarily.

PQCNC recently shared new guidelines with ASNS teams that attempt to thwart the ubiquitous and often vague diagnosis of chorioamnionitis.  Sharing a 2017 publication by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology outlining a new classification to accurately diagnose and manage potential infections in pregnant women and their newborns, teams were introduced to the new term “Triple I”.  This more descriptive term stands for intrauterine inflammation or infection or both, abbreviated as the "Triple I.” Overall, the improved precision in the clinical diagnosis of intrauterine infection may better identify mothers and infants most at risk for sepsis and enhance the quality of clinical treatment decisions.

PQCNC will continue to educate teams on this new classification at the next face to face learning session by providing an expert speaker to present on Triple I.