A meeting of the minds...with ASNS PQITs leading the way

September 21, 2017 will bring the second Learning session for the PQCNC ASNS initiative.  ASNS PQITs are actively implementing measures of the action plan and the Learning Session will provide a venue for large group discussion regarding barriers and successes in their journey to date.  Two PQITs will discuss case presentations specifically regarding the implementation and use of the Kaiser Sepsis Calculator and a third PQIT will discuss revisions made to their EMR to accommodate proper documentation of stewardship efforts.

KSC Calcuator

Use of the “Triple I” will be discussed as will the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in neonates. Family partners will also be speaking to how to engage patients and families in antibiotic stewardship to improve care and the understanding of the importance of the appropriate use of antibiotics that extends beyond hospital discharge.