Focus on emotional recovery for patients who experience postpartum hemorrhage

Many times, quality improvement in the perinatal setting has a clinical focus. Yet clinical improvements are not optimized without the partnership of patients and their families. Columbus Regional Healthcare System embraces this concept and is focusing their obstetric hemorrhage improvement efforts on the patient and family experience. In September 2017, after hearing from an expert panel of post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) survivors at PQCNC’s AIM Obstetric Hemorrhage kickoff meeting, the team from Columbus Regional Healthcare System was inspired to improve their understanding of the patient and family experience. In particular, by learning from women about how their staff can best support patients' and families’ emotional recovery following a severe maternal event. Using feedback from PPH survivors, the team has recently implemented an educational resource for women outlining important physical and emotional signs and symptoms to be aware of, and discuss with their doctor, following discharge from the hospital. Additionally, in order to address support needs during the hospital stay, Columbus Regional Healthcare System is implementing changes that will ensure support of the patient and family during the event.

PQCNC OBH Discharge Education

Life After Postpartum Hemorrhage available here for your use...