Collaborative work yields results...

The final Learning Session for the ASNS initiative was held on March 1, 2018.  The ASNS initiative included over 72,000 infants born in North Carolina, nearly 60% of the births in the state.  Through the incredible efforts of 49 PQITs, the following was accomplished:

decreased antibiotic exposure of newborn nursery infants by 47%

reduced continuation of antibiotics after 48 hours of negative cultures for 110 newborn infants

reduced NICU antibiotic days by 22%, 442 days a month or 5,304 annually

ended antibiotic exposure after negative cultures at 48 hours for an additional 27 NICU infants per month or 324 annually

trend to reducing continuation of antibiotics after 48 hours in 22-31 week infants by 36% and avoided antibiotic continuation in 72 infants less than 31 weeks per year

Congratulations to all ASNS PQITs on a job well done!