Final Edits to Initiative Documents

The AIM RPC expert team has worked diligently to provide insight and guidance regarding the formation of the initiative documents.  Final drafts of the charter, action plan and data collection forms are currently out for comment.  The agreed upon outcomes for the initiative include:

defining the needed infrastructure to reduce primary cesarean section delivery at each obstetrical unit

demonstrating 100% compliance with all the AIM RPC structure metrics

ensuring that all women having an NTSV Cesarean section have met the ACOG/SMFM Cesarean Criteria

having a statewide average NTSV Cesarean rate at or below 20.0% and a hospital NTSV Cesarean rate at or below the Healthy People goal of 23.9%

Demonstrating no change in newborn outcome by route of delivery measured by 5-minute Apgar scores of < 7 and admission to the NICU stratified by reason for admission