The Experts have spoken so let the recruiting begin!

The charter, action plan and data collection documents have been finalized with guidance from the members of the Expert Team.  We are ready to begin recruiting for the AIM Reduction of Primary Cesarean Section (RPC) initiative!

The graph below shows provisional data from 2017 for the primary CS rate for all delivery hospitals in North Carolina.  The expert team decided upon an individual facility goal of 23.9% (top black line) in accordance with Healthy People 2020 and a statewide goal of 20% (lower black line).  Primary CS rates in North Carolina range from approximately 11% to around 38%.  With such variation, we all have much to learn from each other to collectively reach the statewide goal of 20%.

CS Graph

The initiative documents can be found here.  The PQCNC team will be working with and supporting all AIM RPC teams to reach the goals set by the Expert Team.