Sustainability leads to Success

As we enter the final months of collaboration for improving our readiness and response to obstetric hemorrhage, one system stands out when it comes to sustaining improvements.  The Novant Health system rolled out an all-encompassing system bundle to standardize identification and treatment of their obstetric patients.  From ensuring all sites had the same cart, supplies, policies and order sets, the system was able to accomplish a successful standard of care across the system over the past 12 months.  

What is most impressive was their work around EMR integration.  They were able to partner with their IT department to include best practice advisories (BPA) that are linked to their electronic order sets. Once a patient arrives, the RN completes the postpartum hemorrhage risk assessment which assigns a level of risk to the patient.  Based on the patient's risk level, the nurse may receive a BPA reminding them the patient is at risk and specific stage-based orders should be placed.  See an example of a BPA below on a patient that was medium risk.

Reducing the cognitive load for clinical staff and providing automated clinical decision support is one way to standardize best practice and provide optimal care to all obstetric patients.