Beginning before birth...

Diagnosis of gestational diabetes (GDM), large for gestational age, small for gestational age and maternal use of beta-blockers, represent the most common risk factors threatening a newborn with hypoglycemia at birth.  These maternal indications can largely be determined prior to delivery and therefore, beginning to partner with parents before birth is an optimal time to educate.

WakeMed Health and Hospitals, in Raleigh, decided to do just that.   Working closely with their public relations department to convert the PQCNC parent education form to include their hospital logo, the team successfully produced two documents, one in English and one in Spanish.  The nurse leaders on the postpartum floor then reached out to the leaders of the high-risk obstetric clinic and health department to educate them on the PQCNC project and goal they were trying to achieve.  Aiming the education at mothers 26 weeks and greater, the clinic and health department have added the hypoglycemia documents to their current information packet.  Once they deliver, the same education is presented again in the inpatient setting as well.  Mothers with the above risk factors can now be aware of what to expect both before delivery and after. 

We commend the WakeMed team for thinking outside the inpatient setting and beginning to partner with patients before birth to optimize the care provided to their newborns!

parent education material