Peer to Peer Education on Labor Support

As we continue to provide labor support education in every perinatal region across North Carolina, a third class was held in Winston Salem at Novant Forsyth Medical Center.  Taught by midwife, Tina Hayes, with assistance from midwives Leigh Anne Smith and Tamara Brothers, nearly 40 nurses were given instruction and advice on how to partner with women to provide labor support to increase vaginal delivery. A highlight of the day was four nurses who previously attended a PQCNC labor support class in Charlotte, NC sharing their experiences of how they recently incorporated support techniques learned during the class.  Not only were they successful in achieving vaginal deliveries, they were also able to demonstrate the value of that knowledge to providers who subsequently requested their presence for labor support at additional deliveries.  The enthusiasm and feelings of empowerment and gratification demonstrated by the nurses was contagious. Three more labor support classes are scheduled in Raleigh, Wilmington and Asheville, North Carolina.