clOUDi Expert Team Call Schedule / Registration

We need to collectively:

  • determine the scope of this project
  • create a charter for all teams to utilize
  • decide on goals for the project
  • discuss what data we will be collecting
  • discuss what reports we will be using
  • draft an action plan for all teams to use to forge ahead across the state
  • meet each other face to face to and talk about the amazing work we are doing!

There are conference calls and meetings scheduled to assist us all in achieving the bullet points above. Be sure to register and add them to your calendars!

Instructions for navigating the GoToWebinar interface can be found here 

Wednesday, March 4 at 1200 - register here
Discuss Measures/Data part 1

Wednesday, March 18 at 1200 - register here
Discuss Measures/Data part 2

Wednesday, April 1 at 1200 - register here
Approve data collection and discuss action plan

Wednesday, April 15 at 1200 - register here
Approve action plan and discuss pre-work

There is a final face to face meeting scheduled to discuss any outstanding issues and prepare for the launch of the initiative.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at McKimmon Center, Raleigh NC - register here



Wednesday, January 8 at 1200

Wednesday, January 22 at 1200


Wednesday, February 5


Wednesday, February 19