What do I need to do this week?


REMINDER: all the documents, registration links, dates, etc., are viable on the PQCNC website   - don't forget to scroll...


Thanks everyone who attended the call - we're off to a good start.

For those of you who couldn't attend the webinar was recorded and is available here. We anticipate having each webinar available as we go forward.

There are quite a few meetings scheduled and we understand that you may not be able to attend them all but we still want/need/value your participation.

The rough outlines of the work flow look like this:
  • On the webinar we discuss a topic
  • There will be a draft sent for feedback
  • Y'all can respond back via email with your comments/suggestions/edits
  • We'll do our best to incorporate the changes
  • On the next webinar we'll discuss (and possibly approve) the new version
  • Repeat until we've finished all the components needed fr a successful initiative
Remember, we need your email feedback even if you can't be on the call.

For those of you joining the call - we need to hear from you, please do raise your hand so we can unmute you and hear your ideas. The more you talk, the stronger the initiative!

With each initiative complicated issues arise that might need more discussion than is allowed for in the hour long meetings - these will be added to the agenda and addressed at the in person, day-long meeting in September (registration coming soon).

All the documents, registration links, dates, etc., are available on the PQCNC website