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2 years 6 days ago

As the scourge of substance use rips through North Carolina, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic,  many of us in maternal-newborn care dream of a coordinated systematic approach to the care of moms and babies suffering from this disorder. 

Have you dreamed of the possibility of a standardized system of care that would offer continuity in our approaches to screening all mothers prenatally, caring for infants and moms as hospital patients and follow up that would seek to ensure moms remained in treatment and that babies were discharged in a timely fashion with no increase in readmissions and consistent well baby follow up?

PQCNC in conjunction with multiple state partners, is attempting to facilitate the creation of such a system. 

Our state is home to numerous experts in all critical elements of maternal and newborn related care related to perinatal substance use. PQCNC has convened many of these experts over the last 5 months to develop the clOUDi initiative...Comprehensively Limiting Opioid Use Disorder Impact. 

This all star cast of experts has created the clOUDi Aim Statement, Action Plan, Key Driver Diagram and Metrics which can absolutely put North Carolina on track to develop the perinatal care system we all would love to live in when dealing with the unfortunate challenges of perinatal opioid use disorder.

We need one thing....your hospital!

Kicking off in January of 2021 we aks that you join us in this innovative effort to transform the care we deliver to those dealing with perinatal substance use. Dealing with Maternal Opioid Use Disorder was vital before Covid. It is now critical. 

We look forward to partnering with you in in clOUDi as we continue the journey to make North Carolina the best place to give birth and be born. 

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