Expanding labor support education for laboring women

Many of the facilities working to increase labor support education to laboring women and staff have utilized printouts of laboring positions that are readily available in the labor room.  A staff nurse at UNC has taken that education a step further.  Kara Robinson, RN, recognized a need for patients at UNC to have education about labor provided in various formats.  Kara partnered with a UNC nurse educator, Danielle Anspach, to create a powerpoint presentation depicting positions for all stages of labor.  Kara recruited nurse and ancillary staff at UNC to portray laboring women and demonstrate proper positioning in photographs that also included a written description of each position.  Soothing background music was then added to wrap up the presentation.  The presentation was added to UNCs patient education television curriculum, is available at all times and is being translated in Spanish.  This is a tremendous resource for women delivering at UNC!  Congratulations to Kara, Danielle, and the UNC team in their effort to make North Carolina the best place to give birth and be born!