PQCNC clOUDi 3.0

Everything 3.0 in one place -

Participation Agreement - enrolled or auditing, what you need to know about participating in clOUDi 3.0

Charter - what we're working on in 3.0

Action Plan - how we're doing it -  Maternal (draft) / Infant (draft)

Roster - who's on your team -  PDF worksheet / link to submit
Snapshot - where you are now -  PDF worksheet / link to submit
Prework - a quick look at where you are with the new components - PDF worksheet / link to submit
Kick-off - January 12, 2023, McKimmon Center Raleigh - register - It is important to bring as many team members as possible to the kickoff. The day has been designed to give teams the opportunity to learn from the expertise of our guest speakers and apply what you have learned to the development of your team’s quality improvement plan for clOUDi 3.0. A team will be required to get the most out of the day and to fully participate in the day’s activities.


Future learning sessions
Learning Session 2 - April 6, 2023, McKimmon Center Raleigh - register
Learning Session 3 - September 28, 2023, McKimmon Center Raleigh - registration coming soon

Quality Improvement Tools
Quality Improvement Plan
Monthly Leadership Report

Data Collection Tools
Maternal Data - updated 11/3/2022
Maternal Monthly
Maternal Quarterly
Infant Monthly