Alamance Regional Medical Center Special Care Nursery

The Women’s Care Center at Alamance Regional Medical Center includes The BirthPlace and a Level II/Level III Special Care Neonatal Nursery. The nursery is equipped to provide intensive and specialized care for infants as young as 30 weeks and as small as 2.2 pounds. The nursery is staffed by a full-time Duke University neonatologist and a highly-trained neonatal team. The special care nursery was created in partnership with Duke University Medical Center. The 12-bed nursery is staffed by full-time neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners, who are also members of the Duke medical staff, and specially trained neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and other pediatric professionals. The neonatal team utilizes advanced technology and care while also focusing on communication with parents.  The nursery is designed with plenty of space for parents to visit and bond with their baby.  Learn more.