Durham Regional Hospital

The Birth Place of Durham Regional Hospital delivers more than 2,000 babies each year.  The Birth Place offers eight labor and delivery suites, four with whirlpool tubs, two dedicated operating rooms for C-sections within the labor and delivery unit, and 36 private postpartum rooms.  A hospital-based anesthesia team available 24 hours a day.  The comfortable delivery suites allows delivery in a cozy, home-like atmosphere. Medical equipment remains neatly tucked away behind wood paneling and furniture until it is needed.   Lightweight cordless fetal and maternal monitors provide mothers and the care team with greater freedom of movement during labor and more flexibility in choice of birthing positions.   Additional non-medical amenities for low-intervention delivery include birthing balls, ambulatory fetal monitoring system, a pushing bar, and other individualized options to promote your comfort during labor.  Babies room in with mom on our mother/baby unit.  Should a baby arrive a little ahead of schedule or need a little more medical attention following birth, The Birth Place has an 18-bed level II special care nursery.  This nursery provides care for at-risk, acutely ill, and convalescing infants as early as 32 weeks of gestation.  Babies receive individualized care to promote growth from our experienced team of Duke neonatologists and Durham Regional Hospital nursing staff.  Infants born earlier than 32 weeks of gestation requiring surgery or sub-specialty medical care are stabilized and transported to a level III neonatal intensive care unit, usually at Duke Children's Hospital.  The special care nursery not only cares for premature infants, but also full-term babies who need extra help.  Learn more.