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PQCNC AIM RPC teams have spent time this past year discovering and discussing why NTSV patients are being delivered via cesarean section.  We have largely focused on labor dystocia as a cause for cesarean delivery and drilled down on the patients who did not meet the ACOG/SMFM cesarean section criteria.  

Join us on March 3, 2020 at the next RPC Learning Session as we discuss the intricacies of fetal monitoring - how we utilize it, how we interpret it and how we can improve that process.  You will have the opportunity to network with members from hospitals of similar sizes to discuss strategies and resources to enhance the fetal monitoring process.

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We hope to see you there!

Let's Collaborate one last time!  The Newborn Hypoglycemia Prevention and Care initiative is wrapping up.  Data collection will end February 29, 2020 and we will gather for the final NHPC learning session on March 10, 2020 at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh.

Please register to join us for a day of review, discussion, and celebrations!


We are looking forward to the creation, development and then execution of our next project, a combined effort that will focus on Maternal Substance Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. This initiative will for the first time engage PQCNC in work that requires specified activities in the pre and post-partum periods. Similarly we will be planning interventions to support the care of newborns born to mothers living with substance use disorder.

Meetings for the Expert Team that will develop the AIM statement, key driver diagram and metrics for this project will begin in January 2020. Launch for this initiative will be January 2021. If you have experience, knowledge, expertise or interest in supporting the creation of such an initiative, please join us. We are calling on mothers, fathers, family members, docs, nurses, therapists, social workers, counselors, hospital and clinic leaders, addiction specialists, midwives, practitioners, public health officials, government leaders, and payers/purchasers of healthcare to consider joining us.

The only requirement for "Expert" is a willingness to read background materials we supply and commitment to joining us for perhaps one face to face meeting and 4 webinars over 6-8 months.

This is an initiative that is critically needed. We have all been touched in different ways by this growing crisis. Please join us in developing an initiative that will allow us to address how we make North Carolina the best place to give birth and be born for families living with maternal substance use disorder.

To join the Expert Team please click here