Having a newborn in the NICU is very intimidating and isolating for parents, especially because they are struggling to find any way to help.  Rex Dads who have weathered having a child in the NICU share their experiences, from one dad to another

Critical Congenital Hearth Disease (CCHD) - On the importance of pulse oximetry screening…

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Preeclampsia is a life-threatening disorder of pregnancy related to high blood pressure in the second and third trimesters. Every expecting mother should know the signs and symptoms and report to their health care provider should they experience any of these 7 common symptoms. More information available at



When you're in the hospital, everything changes. You depend on caregivers for everything. Each word, each touch, each visit really matters. "Cleveland Clinic's Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care" told part of the story. But there's much more. You'll be moved by these life-changing stories, and astonished when you learn what these patients have in common.

BREAKING THE WALL OF SILENCE (a work-in-progress trailer) from Citygate Films on Vimeo.

A ten-minute work-in-progress trailer featuring current production filmed for this patient safety documentary.